MatSu Sertoma: Let’s PLUNGE Into Spring

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Contributed by Gretchen Santerre

8th Annual MatSu Sertoma Plunge
2/17/2017 – 10AM
MatSu Sertoma Club
Everett’s and Mat-Su Resort
1850 E Bogard Rd. Wasilla
FREE Admission, Donations/Pledges Welcome

Majestic views, friendly faces, Alaskan air and… people plunging themselves into freezing water! Alaskans are not just hearty, but heartfelt! Jumpers from around the world join Mat-Su Sertoma every February to plunge into freezing waters to help support the mission and programs of a most incredible organization!

This year, our president is so confident that Alaskans will increase registration and attendance into numbers never yet experienced, she has gone out with her team of community heros and has secured the biggest and best for the 8th Annual Mat-Su Sertoma Plunge. This year’s event will be hosted by the most exciting and amazingly supportive Everett’s and Mat-Su Resort!

On Saturday, February 17th, we will all converge at the event of 2018. We will join the shenanigans to win it all, help judge the costumes and of course, to help check plunging off several bucket lists!

An event of this magnitude isn’t planned overnight. Sleepless nights, thousands of e-mails and millions of miles are spent each year by tireless Sertomans to make this event a “who’s who of Alaskans” event! Sertomans quickly re-warm, re-gather and re-plunge into the next year’s event.  There is however the important part of what this event brings each year and why Sertomans go above and beyond each year to improve! Each event requires scores of volunteers, donations, plungers and of course, sponsorships!

This year in order to show the national president, who will be here to welcome spring with a Splash, just how giving and kind the amazing Alaskans are.  The President has uncategorically announced that our final fund Goal is now $20,000…the number seems like a large one, until you see where it goes, and what precisely those dollars do!

Mat-Su Sertoma funds raised are utilized for:
•    Summer Experience Scholarship; 2018 winner Noah White of Colony High School
•    Jim Vrooman International Scholarship; to send a student abroad to research and share the work of Sertoma and how other cultures address hearing health
•    College Undesignated Scholarship; a unique scholarship in that provided the winner maintain appropriate grades, the funds awarded can be used to cover ANY expenses while attending full time.  The scholarship is specifically awarded to deaf/Hearing Impaired Students or Students entering an Audiology focused program

In closing Les Helfrich may have said it best: “When it’s time to jump, you jump, Life is short. You’ve got to have a little fun! It’s something everyone should try at least once.”

More information and registration can be obtained at