Bill Walker & Associates Operating Law Office Without A Business License

Contributed by Anonymous

Lawyer, former mayor of Valdez and now governor of Alaska are being investigated for alleged tax evasion.

Notice to the principle is notice to the agents. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

A concerned citizen has been investigating Bill Walker and Associates for about a year now and through several known sources has verified the information is true.

The Palmer, Alaska man filled a Whistle Blower Federal Form # 211 Complaint with the Internal Revenue Service against Bill Walker, Donna Walker and Craig Richards for alleged business license/tax evasion for failing to get two types of licenses. One is a NAICS codes 541110 license required for the lawyer’s offices and the second is a NAICS codes 922130 license to be legal counsel or prosecution in court which was mandated by Congress.

When you look up Bill Walker on the state’s website it said, “Walker is the founder of Walker Richards, LLC law firm where he practiced from 1995-2014.”
Bill Walker never bothered to get a business license until May 16, 2012, just eleven months before announcing his run for governor on April 18, 2013. This allegedly shows intent.

According to the state’s business license website and through emails, business license number 974132 was first issued to Walker & Richards, LLC on May 16, 2012. No Alaskan business license before that date appears on record with names Bill Walker, Donna Walker or Craig Richards to have ever been registered with the State of Alaska according to emails received from the State of Alaska license division.

According to twelve statutes at large under Licenses section 57 said, “No person shall prosecute until obtaining a license. Section 59 said, “A penalty of three times the license fee. One half of the money goes to the United States and one half the money goes to the person who reports it first.” (Me - the concerned citizen)

Under thirteen statutes at large under Licenses section 73 said, “For every such offense, besides being liable to the payment of the tax, he or she will be subject to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or both. One half of the fine for the United States, one half to the person who shall first give information of the fact.”

Section 78 said, “State laws are not to exempt procuring license or from any penalty or punishment.”

Section 43 states that lawyers shall pay for each license. It said “license”. It does not say “bar card”. A bar card is a membership status card only and nowhere on the bar card does it say “license”.

Twelve and thirteen statutes at large under licensing are acts of Congress to provide internal revenue to support the government and to pay interest on the public debt.

If the IRS agrees with the whistle-blower’s complaint that Bill Walker, Donna Walker and Craig Richards are registered bar attorneys of the State of Alaska, they could owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, fees, penalties and interest with possible jail time. Tax evasion if true is a federal crime and federal criminals can’t hold public office.

All 2,439 lawyers and about 112 judges who were lawyers in Alaska were also added in the complaint.

It’s about time that lawyers in this country start paying their far share.

There is no such thing as a license to practice law, but there is a mandatory license by Congress if you are going to come into court to be legal counsel to someone or to prosecute someone, and it is a 922130 license. Failure to do so is a contempt of court.

It is estimated that all 1,315,561 lawyers in the United States could owe around $1 trillion dollars when you add in all federal, state, borough/county and city penalties, fines, fees and interest.