Mat-Su Valley Stormed By Pirates (Of Penzance That Is)

Contributed by Nan Potts

Pirates of Penzance
July 20-22, 2017 – 7PM
Glenn Massey Theater
E 8295 College Dr. Palmer
Tickets: $10 Kids, $20 Adults

On July 8th, villainous pirates, lovely maidens, cowardly policemen, a handsome hero and a graceful heroine, all pranced, fenced and frolicked on the Glenn Massey stage in the opening of Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera, Pirates of Penzance! Also know under the name, The Slave of Duty, this Victorian period opera in two acts, charms and tickles the fancies of both young and the young at heart.

Set in the late Victorian era of the 1890s, a delightfully naive Frederick attempts to leave his kind-hearted pirate band to whom he has been indentured as an apprentice since he was eight years old. Of course this was an error made by his beloved, hard of hearing nursemaid, Ruth. He celebrates his twenty-first year and finds his true love, young Mable, only to discover he is entrapped by his “sense of duty” to return to the pirates’ lair on a technicality - he is to be released of his contract on his twenty-first birthday. Since his natal day was the 29th of February, leap year, his birthdays only amount to five, binding him to his pirate comrades. 

Mayhem ensues when Mabel’s sisters and father, the Major General, get thrown into the mix with conspiracy and treachery (not the pirates doing). And when the Police Sargent and his constabulary troupe are sent to do away with the pirates, more insanity rules, only to be reined in once again by the sense of duty the pirates feel for their Queen Victoria. Surrendering, they are pardoned and being noble men who have gone wrong, return to their rightful stations - meaning they get the girls in the end.

Directed by AJ Seims and produced by Joe Rizzo and AJ Seims of the Triumvirate Theater, this insanely silly and full of surprises, musical performance will have your feet tapping and your spirits lifted with Arthur Sullivan’s music and W. S. Gilbert’s libretto. Seims has brought together aspiring and veteran talent from around the Valley to make this production of Pirates of Penzance one which Sir Gilbert and Sullivan would be proud of, not to mention dazzle and delight Valley audiences.

Just ask your neighbor if they’ve attended. If they have, they’ll tell you to go to to order your tickets today. Only three shows remain: July 20th, 21st and 22nd; start time is 7pm, sharp! Ticket prices start at $20 for adults and $10 for kids under twelve. This is a treat for the entire family and an excellent way to introduce youngsters to the theater in our area and let’s face it, who can resist pirates? Argh!