End Abortion Now

Contributed by William Deaton, a Student for Life in Cordova, Alaska

Recently, the Alaska House has introduced a very important pro-life bill. The Life at Conception Act would make killing pre-born children illegal. In other words, the Life at Conception Act stops abortions. This is music to many people’s ears. So far, Rep. David Eastman is the only sponsor of the bill. 

Abortion kills the innocent pre-born child that is alive and has a beating heart. It is very interesting that a single celled bacteria on another planet is considered life, yet the unborn human embryo is not. However, in federal law a person who murders a pregnant woman is charged with two homicides. Interesting, seeing that if the mother wants to kill her baby she can, in the process of abortion. Whether we like it or not, abortion is murder. 

Can we come together and end abortion as a state? Will you stand against the genocide of our generation? What shall your children say about you? Join the movement! End abortion today by calling your Alaska State Representative and demanding that they end abortion by becoming a co-sponsor of the Alaska Life at Conception Act.