Your “Pass” To Local Entertainment!

Contributed by Michael Consalo

Where to go on Friday night? It can be a tough question sometimes in the Valley. Of course in the summer, many of us like to go out camping and fishing with our families. And rightfully so! Alaska offers the most beautiful scenery, trails and parks! So what about the rest of us that are hanging our here? 

Thanks to City of Wasilla, Hatcher Pass Radio 95.5 and The People’s Paper, we want you to kick off your family’s summer with a free, community concert series! On June 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th from 6pm-9pm, we will have live local music, food trucks and local vendors right in the middle of Iditapark! 

This is a great opportunity to get the kids outdoors and interested in local music, something our kids and community desperately need. This year, we had local art submitted for our poster by Sara Squartsoff-Mckinley, and next year will have an art submission contest and hopefully start to include more art with vendors, exhibits and more! 

Vendors will have fun activities for kids and parents, and the food trucks will be rolling in flavors from all across the state! Best of all, we have a ton of prizes to give away on all four nights! 

The Pass @ The Park is going to be a yearly event, encouraging our community to come together and enjoy the wonderful park facilities and live music! In times of endless hours on the computer and electronics, we want you to have options! I remember my first concert that my parents took me to. I was amazed by the instruments, sound equipment and lighting. It was captivating. 

This free concert series gives our youth a chance to be a part of what we all love, while having fun at the park. Thanks to the support and vision of The City of Wasilla, including Mayor Bert Cottle, Dep. Admin. Lyn Carden, Joan Klapperich and the Public Works Department, Matsu families can come together for a memorable experience, while enjoying the beauty Alaska has to offer. 

Thanks to The People’s Paper and Josh Fryfogle, this idea can come back to life from the bones of Rock at the Park and be better than ever. Without support from these great organizations as well as our many sponsors, such a dream could not have come true. 

I am extremely excited to offer free music to our community and families and hope to see you at The Pass @ The Park. After all, it’s our event, not mine.