Artists Put Palmer in Perspective

Contributed by Deb Lestenkof

Palmer in Perspective is an exhibit featuring photographs of the Palmer area and associated collections. Each of five photos will be rendered in five different styles by five Alaskan artists. There’s a strong preference for using different mediums (oil, canvas, charcoal, alcohol inks, watercolor, etc).

The exhibit will run to the end of July with an option to purchase displayed pieces when the showing is over.

Displayed are two of the photos redone in Deb Lestenkof’s (Alaskan alcohol ink artist) own perspective. “I see things saturated in color, contrasted hues... the beauty of alcohol ink is it brings everything alive, even if made on flat paper. Alcohol moves the ink to create depth and texture.”

You can see the full exhibition, along with four other artist’s perspectives (including local artist Lori Teich) at the Palmer Museum of History and Art, 723 S Valley Way, Palmer.

Born in Fairbanks and living in Wasilla, Deb Lestenkof specializes in alcohol ink to create wildlife and nature scenes. More of her work can be seen at