Local Poetry Of The Matsu

The Colors Of The Rainbow

Contributed by Marna Paron

Blue for a pure love,
Which never will end.
Orange for warmth,
The color of friends.
Green for the earth,
Keep it that way.
Yellow for light,
During the day.
Purple for the night,
And all of her dead.
Red for the blood,
God's own Son did shed.

Alaskan Mountain Trash

Contributed by Shaina Lopez-Collazo

I know her
More than human
She is anamorphic.

I’ve seen her as a bee.
Dragging a flower into gravity
By tearing at the mouth of it
Aggressively and then softly,
Before going back and forth again
As she worked across its unfurling tongue
To scrape up what sunlit pollen she would
Claim as hers
Even if the frost of the air
Tempted to solidify her own rapid
Beating blood.

Don’t become sluggish in the act of procreation,
You may die
And the flowers you bed would drop you.

Then again I’ve seen her, larger and longer;
A creation of so much white.
Limbs circling the variety of her eggs in the grass,
I swear she mimics the path of the sun.

She has laid many colors -
Tans, greens and blues.

What children would arise from her cares?
Born to call from the attentions she has given
To the natural details around her?
Do watch as they flock to her.

Alaskan Mountain Trash
Haley, you live so indiscreetly
as a mother of unfettered wilderness.

Tune In

Contributed by Dr. Altair

Tune in to the snow, the cold, the cycle of the moon.
Tune in to the tides, the sunrises, the sunsets.
Tune in to this season, the wind, the rain.
Tune in to break up, the flow of spring, the budding foliage rushing to surface. 

Do not rush me.
This time is sacred.
Do not force me to miss the magic.

Give me my space to ease. 
To embrace this lovely awakening.
I claim this time.

There is enough daylight.
There is time for all we need.

Allow the flow of life to come to us.
We need not rush.
Tune in.

Dr. Anna Altair is a holistic chiropractic physician practicing and has been for thirteen years in the Valley. She advocates healing naturally and guides patients to be the masters of their own health. She especially delights in treating young people with curvature of the spine and hyperactivity. Call 907-357-1818 today. Good health is your birthright!