Alaska Welcomes Lavoy Back Home!

Contributed by Jennifer Hudson

The anticipation in the room was so strong, you could feel it surround you and the excitement flowing from fans only grew as the auditorium darkened and fog rolled out across the stage. Even the spectacular light show couldn’t have shown as brightly as the smiles of fans seeing Lavoy return home. 

Well known and loved local band made it big, returns to Alaska to perform for fans alongside performances from Dj Spencer Lee and 80s cover band, I Love Robots. Since their move to Spokane, Washington in 2013, the members of Lavoy have been busy in their musical careers; singer-songwriter Tyrell L. Tompkins shares that in recent times their visits to Alaska are becoming more frequent and it’s not just the show turn out that draws them here. “It’s the people, it’s their family and their friends that bring them to this place and make them feel at home again.” 

During the rise of their careers as musicians in Wasilla, Alaska, the five members of Lavoy released three independent albums with songs fans will always love and never forget. Alongside favorites and a couple song covers, their most recent performance at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium in Anchorage featured some of their newer work and it wasn’t surprising that fans couldn’t get enough. The support in Alaska for the artists is undeniable, whether it be older or newer works, fans adore Lavoy. 

“While continuing to stay true to their sound and their following, the band successfully keeps up with the times in their musical evolution. The ever changing music industry retains excitement for the band, who has a lot of demo ideas happening and sooner or later, they will be choosing a few of those demos to record in 2017 along with songs from 2016 that have been recorded and will be restored and released soon,” says Tompkins. 

As fans from all over anticipate new recordings and what the future holds for the group, there will always be a very special place in the hearts of the Alaska following. No matter where the band is, it is very important to them that their music is coming from the right place. They always prepare themselves for the show in the right way and the right spirit, and it is indisputable that they achieve this every time they step on stage. As much as the highly family-oriented band loves one another, the original supporters love Lavoy and anticipate their next performance with full hearts and eager ears.