Independent Alaskan Movie’s Worldwide Premiere


Sudsy Slim Rides Again Worldwide Premiere
4/20/2018 – 12PM
Sudsy Slim Rides Again, Nomad Cinematics, Tundra Comics
The Valley Cinema
3331 E Old Matanuska Rd. Wasilla

From the team who brought you “Moose the Movie”, we are proud to announce the upcoming worldwide premiere and release of “Sudsy Slim Rides Again”. This full-feature film is a spaghetti Northwestern comedy, action, heist film about the tale of a small Alaskan town by the name of Scratcher Pass. Unfortunately, Scratcher Pass’ boom days as the world’s largest asbestos mining operation have long since faded.  

The only thing keeping this little community alive is the feeble tourist industry.  The main attraction? Scratcher Pass’ most famous resident, the 100-year-old corpse of conman, Sudsy Slim. However, when two escaped prisoners stumble into town, Sudsy mysteriously ends up missing and the townsfolk panic. That’s when Agent Dudley Sherman of the Alaska Bureau of Criminal Detection is reluctantly dragged in to investigate.   

“Sudsy Slim Rides Again” was written by Darin and Chad Carpenter, the same fellas responsible for creating the newspaper comic strip, TUNDRA, and full-feature film “Moose the Movie”, and is once again being directed by G. Logan Dellinger of Nomad Cinematics.  

SSRA features over 150 local actors, including our main three stars:  
Raymond “Chappy” Chapman as Agent Dudley Sherman of the Alaska Bureau of Criminal Detection; Katy Schmidt as Kate Maringoni, Scratcher Pass Tour Director; Zack Lanphier as Burt, a short-tempered escaped convict, teamed with another short-tempered escaped convict, Joe LeCompte, as Andy. 

World premiere and release of “Sudsy Slim Rides Again” will be on April 20th at Coming Attractions Theater in Wasilla, Alaska. To view the official Sudsy Slim teaser trailer, go to For additional info, go to or

Chad Carpenter, Writer/Producer
(907) 441-1526