Mat Su Libertarians

Contributed by Kathy Sleen

Mat Su Libertarians Meeting
4/11/2018 - 6PM
Mat Su Libertarians
Greg Clark’s Home
1593 W.Gold Bar Rd. Wasilla
FREE Event

We are happy to announce that a new political action group has formed. Mat Su Libertarians are an affiliate of the Alaska Libertarian Party.

Our first order of business is to expand the Libertarian message in the Matanuska Valley and across Alaska. We intend to gain seats at all levels of office that we may one day, “Take over Alaska and leave everyone alone.” Our principles are sound and a future built on them is certain. 

Alaska Libertarians were instrumental in getting the permanent fund dividend established. We are determined to preserve that legacy. We are urging support for our candidate, Mark Fish, for State House District 8. See: 

Meetings are held once a month to form action plans. Our members are active and encouraged to report achievements on our Facebook page: Mat Su Libertarians. We begin at 6pm with potluck and fellowship to allow busy people to trickle in. Business is conducted from 7pm to 9pm. We invite all Libertarians to join us at the home of Greg Clark, 1593 W. Gold Bar Rd. on Wednesday, April 11th, 6pm to 9pm. 

You can call Greg at 373 5455 for more information.