Contributed by Patti Dubler

Rock Painting Day
4/21/2018 – 11AM
Valley Arts Alliance
Downtown Deli Mall
550 S Alaska St. Ste. #105, Palmer
FREE Event

There’s a movement of kindness going on in the world and you can be part of it right here in Palmer! Spreading joy to others has actually become an obsession! How? By painting rocks into works of art and hiding them for others to find! 

The Valley Arts Alliance is sponsoring a Rock Painting Day during the Who Let the Girls Out weekend. On Saturday, April 21st, from 11am-2pm, everyone is invited to come to the Downtown Deli Mall to paint rocks. The VAA will supply the paints & brushes – you just bring your rock! We’ll be using non-toxic acrylic paint. This event is for all ages and you don’t need to be an artist to participate, although it just might bring out the creative side in you! Then, you take the rock and hide it for someone to discover! After they find your rock, they can keep it, or better yet, hide it again for someone else to discover. Maybe your rock will inspire someone else to paint and hide a rock of their own!


We’ll be giving out examples of where it is not allowed to place rocks (i.e. state or federal parks, private property, etc.) and where we can! 

PALMER ROCKS! Is an easy and fun way for you, your family or any group to bring a smile to whomever finds your painted rocks. Round, smooth rocks are best to paint on. Clean your rock before coming, so the paint will stick to it. We will have some rocks available to share. 

And, don’t forget, while you’re out gathering rocks, be sure to look for a painted rock while you’re out walking! We will supply a suggestion sheet of where you can hide your rock, or where it may not be allowed. 

So, come on out, paint some rocks and put a smile on someone’s face! 

For questions, please call Patti Dubler at 746-2135.