Big Ideas for Positive Parenting

Contributed by Rabbi Mendy Greenberg

As proclaimed nationally and by a joint resolution in the State Legislature, Education and Sharing Day Alaska will be held this year, ‪on April 16, 2019‬. This day honors the tireless efforts of the Rebbe, Rabbi M Schneerson for our nation’s perspective on education. The day celebrates the importance of including values and ethics as foundations for our children’s growth and future success.‬

This year, the Mat-Su Valley will be celebrating this day with a TED talk style evening featuring local professionals and resources. Titled, “Big Ideas for Positive Parenting”, this event promises to provide real solutions and address some of the struggles all parents face on a daily basis.

Therapist Lori Houston of Playful Journeys will share impactful ways to strengthen the family unit. Learn some great tips for keeping your children healthy in mind, body, and spirit with Dr. Bruck Clift, family practitioner. Relate to the real experiences and emotions involved in raising children with love and faith, from local parenting author Shelly Wedge, LPA. Discover some new ways to strengthen the home-school connection that is vital for your child’s success, with Justin Ainsworth, executive director of instruction with the school district.

The evening will be held ‪on April 10, 2019 at 6 pm‬ at Twindly Bridge Charter. There will be a simultaneous children’s entertainer at the venue so that parents do not need to arrange sitters. The program is free; dinner will be available for purchase. This event is open to the public and all are invited and encouraged to attend. Please do not bring outside food to the venue; closed beverages will be allowed.‬

For more information or to register, visit or call Rabbi Mendy at 350-1787.

History of Education Day

In 1978, in recognition of his efforts, the Rebbe’s birthday was established by the US Congress and president as “Education and Sharing Day USA”. This national day has been celebrated every year for the past four decades, to raise awareness and strengthen education.

The Rebbe was a tireless advocate for enhancing and bettering what makes our country so unique and special. He referred to the U.S.A. as “a nation of kindness”, as it is based on the inherent value that all human beings are created equal in the image of G-d, and therefore, deserving of equal rights. Specifically, the Rebbe took a special interest in the future of our nation: the children, the next generation.

Today’s modern society is very different from the previous generations, and with it, we are presented with new challenges to raising our children with kindness, compassion, and faith. We are, by necessity, career driven, continuously distracted by technology and social media, and it is more difficult to find opportunities for quality bonding time with our children. Education Day is a time to pause and reflect on our parenting to ensure we are instilling the morals, ethics and values that are so integral to a raising our children to be kind, conscientious adults.