Meet Johnny Jones and Riley

Contributed by Angie Lewis, Alaska Animal Advocates

PETS & ANIMALS - Meet Johnny Jones and Riley.jpg

These Black Lab Mixes are a pleasure to be around. They are a bit over 3 months old and have plenty of spunk! Riley is a little more outgoing than his brother and is a bit feistier when playing with other pups. He is very mellow when someone’s petting him. Riley is very smart and is doing very well with potty training and simple commands (sit and stay).

Johnny Jones (the pup with the white on his chest), is a very sweet boy. As soon as you sit on the floor with him, he climbs in your lap and wants loving. He is a bit more energetic than his brother when you approach him. He loves to snuggle and gets along very well with his foster momma’s dog and his brother.

He’s struggling a little with house training, but he’ll get there!

To meet these sweet boys, contact Angie at 841-3173 or email Alaska Animal Advocates at