Van Gogh

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann

Van Gogh is a handsome gray and white boy with soulful eyes. He is maybe 10 years old and he's been through a lot. His eyes have a lot to tell.

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Van Gogh was obviously someone's kitty at one time. But he was either abandoned or lost and spent the last few years camping under a porch and scavenging for food. A lady was able to trap him after feeding him for a year. His ears were frostbitten off, he had a snare wound around his neck and an abscess on his leg. He had survived all that and now he needs a loving family that he can give his trust and devotion to. He is extremely shy around new people, but he has warmed up in his foster home and enjoys loving attention very much. It will take time to win his trust, but it will be worth every moment. He does well with other cats, not sure about dogs. He is looking for a laid-back home with food and love. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped as all our cats are.

In Wasilla. Call 907-980-8898.