Mat-Su Filmmakers Set To Make A Splash


Teaser for new Alaskan feature film strikes a major chord with audience.

Last Frontier is ready for a close-up once again as the backdrop for Burnhouse Pictures’ new feature film, Peaks and Valleys. Director Michael Burns (Proper Binge 2015) has taken the reigns along with a stellar cast and crew made up of some of the top filmmakers Alaska has to offer for the drama written by Michael B. Dillon. The newly released teaser for the film is already making an impression on social media, leaving viewers chomping at the bit for the summer release. 

One of the latest offerings by the ever growing independent Alaskan film community, Peaks and Valleys holds a true dedication to highlighting the star power that the great state of Alaska has to offer. 

A slew of award winning professionals have come together for the production, as well as many local residents and businesses offering their support to make the bold project a reality. Featuring veteran character actor and Anchorage resident Kevin Bennett (The Frozen Ground 2013), the film also brings Wasilla’s Kitty Mahoney out from behind the camera in her first feature leading role.  

Wrapped in plastic and thrown from a plane into a rural Alaskan lake would usually mean the end of the story. For Bailey (Kitty Mahoney), it’s just the beginning. Waking naked, battered and horrifically traumatized, she finds herself trapped in a secluded cabin somewhere in the wilds of Alaska. Her only company, Jack (Kevin Bennett), is a hard-nosed man of few words who makes no question of his desire to be left alone. With winter taking its grip on the surrounding wilderness, Bailey must overcome the aftermath of her ordeal and survive long enough to make it home. With Jack as her only aid, she soon suspects that his secrets were never meant to leave the cabin.  

Excitement for the project has proven instantly contagious, leading to local investors excitedly funding the film’s budget, as well as attracting some amazing Alaskan talent. It’s also gaining nods from other successful filmmakers across the state, showing the true sense of community in the Alaskan film industry. 

Peaks and Valleys is scheduled for a summer release with limited engagements to be announced statewide. Fans can view the trailer at or through the link on Facebook @peaksandvalleysmovie. Like and follow the page for updates on the production as well as release and show time information.