What Kept Me Awake Friday 

Contributed by Greg Dixon

An article I ran into in the Anchorage Dispatch newspaper this morning on Blue Boobies courting dances, lead to my interest in exploring for a video of such on my computer with great anticipation.

I discovered a very interesting, free PBS presentation on Blue Boobies, and then a video on courtship dances of Birds of Paradise, and then to the courtship dances of many other birds, along with many other fascinating records freely available on National Geographic Wild Nature presentations (probably also available on the Discovery Channel and or other such wonderful educational sources).

These were all very interesting, but by then it was late at night. However, I continued on to exploring another very interesting presentation on Borneo that I then found and its unique geography, geology, biology, zoology, history, etc. etc. etc.

Truly fascinating!

I couldn’t quit.

Curiosity leads to discovery, discovery leads to exploring, exploring leads to discovering, leads to exploring, leads to discovering, leads to exploring, leads to…

Lack of sleep.

But I hope Friday never ends.