Adopt Snowball

Contributed by Tracy Smith, Animal Care Dispatcher

Snowball (A062614), a four year old neutered male, came to us weighing about half his current sleek eleven pounds. All the pads of his feet were frostbitten with the skin sloughed off, so he could barely walk. 

Whatever hard times he’d been suffering through, he was lucky that some kind soul brought him to the shelter where he could be pampered and brought back to health. Even though he is a black cat, we named him Snowball since he survived having his feet frozen off, so to speak. 

Come meet this calm, affectionate cat who would just love to spend the rest of his days lounging in your house and cuddling up to you and yours.

Are you interested in a courageous canine or cat companion? Call 761-7501 during business hours to make an appointment to visit with him and see if he would fit in with your family.