Art At The Airport

Contributed by Carmen Summerfield

Most of you have spent a lot of time at the airport. Why not spend some of that time looking at art?

Airports all over the world have public art on display. At our Anchorage International airport, take a look at Rachelle Dowdy’s “From Here to There and There to Here” and Ron Baron’s “North to the Future”, both located in Terminal B.

Rachelle’s sculptures feature oversized geese taking flight inside the airport terminal, suspended from the ceiling, flying the length of the concourse. Some remaining geese are nested or standing on the floor, where they can engage with the public. These geese have wingspans from 6 to 8 feet, and they weigh 140-240 pounds.

Rachelle’s sculptures combine organic materials with concrete, industrial resins and recycled materials like nails, plow disc blades, scrap steel and wood. The combinations of images and materials address contemporary issues of life in the North, while putting a spin on popular Alaskan wildlife and motifs.

Ron Baron’s six bronze sculptures portray items and landscapes that are symbols and metaphors representing the spirit of Alaska.

Ron made a three week visit to Alaska to explore the combination of urban Anchorage and the rural Cook Inlet region. He culled an array of objects that he shipped back to his Brooklyn New York studio. Ron wanted to portray the Alaskan traveler from tourist to resident. He uses a combination of artifacts with hints of Alaskan wildlife. 

And while at the airport, don’t forget the mezzanine level which has a large display of Native Alaskan art. 

Next time you’re travelling, take a minute to check out art at the airport.