Local Poetry Of The Mat-Su

The Advanced Poem

Contributed by Jaron Saturnino

I cheat when I write poetry.
I use a rhyming website
Collected by a guy named Van.
I emailed him one night.

How it reminds me of this type of chess,
Where competitors use the help of AI.
Humans still choose each move,
But opportunities don't pass by.

I haven't heard back yet,
And I don't like the nervousness time creates.
An admirer joked I should write about it.
So I wrote this poem that demonstrates

Of Van's chest:
Advanced chess,
A fan's jest.

Shining Emotions

by Elana Cranston

Flowing air repeatedly
Man it has me questioning
Constant off key tunes
Her soul almost caught the blues
rough notes stabilized by an equalizer
Eyes fixated on the beaitufl disaster
heart of gold beating simultaneously
poured out almost emotionally
never once was the mind distraight
until the day PTSD caught
when the tables turned
truth behind the lies burned, completely
In the land where social media rules
word travels faster then thoughts of you fools
intelligence is everything when your messing
with spools of hypocrisy
much to the demise of it all
The clouds opened up to world ever
changing... this is how you see
Millennials outnumber generation x
The baby boomers raided what was left
Why must instinct hide within context?
Stabilized emotions man WHATS NEXT?
Get mistreated with dirty looks
Get stole on by same time crooks
Receive the silver or split an offer
Real life issues with names on the roster
The saint would rather take the latter
The magnitude of irrationality begins to simmer
Can't be too careful cuz it'll all boil over.
Here she stands on her own two feet
Screaming forget the world and almost everyone in it
Even when people think she's nothing but sweet
There's the dark stages of an avalanches repeat
Who are we kidding, it ain't ever discrete
Even when the loyalty remains free
Wickedness comes to an end in smoke
Take a deep breath & let the spirit invoke
Shhhh be patient
Kneel down on them knees & repent
Because the moment is near
So always make sure your time is well spent

The Deficit Conundrum

Contributed by Andrew Brewer

At the bottom of all of this
Is something called “the deficit”
That will not go away.

Doesn’t matter how many cuts are made,
Or how much up in the reserves is laid,
They really must have more, they say.
And now you’re going to have to pay to play.
They really don’t see any other way,
Do they?

“Take the dividend, but don’t tax me!”
We hear from the plutocracy.
As long as it’s someone else who bleeds.

They act as if the money is free,
As if there were not many in need.
That is how they justify these things,
It’s ours for the taking!

Whose bank are they breaking?
Is there not a common share?
50% as I’m aware,
That belongs to the people?

And so they weave a numbers game,
And say the deficit is to blame!
There really is no other way!

Or is there?

Revenues must be compared.
And do not forget the federal share,
Or the earnings of the fund.
Do we really need new taxation?

Or a more thorough demonstration,
To prove the deficit is gone!

10 billion dollars can’t be all wrong!
Make some deductions and here’s the song:
We have on hand some 9.5 billion strong,
To keep the government from doing more harm!

The deficit is all but gone.
We’re talking about 400 million,
Not dollars remaining in the billions!

Listen to Clem Tillion.
The governor is wrong.
Keep the PFD where it belongs,
In the hands of the people.