Let’s Focus On The Primary August 21st

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Contributed by Jessica Wright

Many Alaskans agree that Governor Walker and most of the legislators need to step down. Our economy is ranked #51, the last place in the nation (all 50 states and D.C.). Bills such as SB26, and SB91 or Sanctuary Policy has evidently hurting the Alaska’s economy and disturbing the stability of our society. Many Alaskans decided to pack their bags and leave the state for good. For the first time in 30 years, the Alaskan population has declined. It proves that “Big Government” only benefits a few namely special interest groups and hurts the Alaskan’s economy immensely.

Perhaps the most damaging Act the state government did was to take the PFD from the
people three years in a row. Instead of letting people use the money as they wish, the government took it for their ever-bloated budget and the legislature appropriated fund for Governor Walker to spend on his projects. Many Alaskans now realize that they need new state leadership to replace Governor Walker and most of the legislature members. Therefore, defeating Walker and these incumbents become the top priority.

It’s important to vote in the Primary on August 21st because many good candidates get washed off in the primary. Most voters neglect the Primary, thinking it’s not that important and as the result most incumbents win the Primary. Many think only party members can participate the election, but actually undeclared and undecided members can vote in the Primary too. That’s why voters’ turnout is a huge factor for deciding who can win. Yes, you make a difference.

The Primary election is a simple process. Each candidate competes for the most votes and whoever wins the race can move on to the General Election. This is critical because each candidate attracts different demographics from all voters. It’s great to have diversified candidates to represent the voters. By embracing them, we can have a bigger voter base for General Election. 

I heard someone say we should only support one candidate if we want to win.
That’s true after the Primary. Why limits your chance to win by limiting who should be in the Primary? Primary is just a race. It’s okay if you support different candidates because after the Primary, only the winners of the Primary can move on to the General Election. You should wholeheartedly welcome all the candidates during the Primary and vote for the candidate who can best represent you. After the Primary, we should unitedly support the winner of the Primary and focus on defeating Walker and many of the incumbents.

Some suggest a new way to replace the Primary. In my opinion, holding Primary is still the best system if you want see the democracy at work. The district nomination or state convention only limits the people from participating politics.

I pray that we will pray for our beloved state from now on ‘til the election, that we can defeat the Walker Regime and take our government back. With all the oil and PFD we have, we should never be in the last place. So what ye say Alaskans? Let’s do this. Let’s win the election.