A Victory For America

Contributed by Vic Kohring

America has been pulled back from the brink. As I sat behind my computer monitoring the election returns shortly after midnight on November 9th, I fretted a Hillary Clinton victory. The big government advocates and establishment politicians were pushing hard to elect her and the leftist press was in full around-the-clock attack mode, trying to destroy Donald Trump and sway the election. Pro-Hillary pollsters were working overtime to manipulate voters by publishing skewed numbers falsely suggesting a Clinton landslide was imminent. The idea was to deceive Trump voters into discouraging them, giving up and staying home from the polls. 

There were reports of widespread cheating and election fraud by the Clinton political machine. People were supposedly voting twice and the dead were being registered to vote. Hillary voters were crossing state lines to vote in more than one state where no identification is required, a faulty provision the Democrat Party has fought for years to keep as it represents cheap, easy votes. Voting machines and computer software were tampered with. And Republican voters were harassed and intimidated with violence. Youtube is full of examples including one lady whose living room window was broken out with a large rock.

All of this was part of a strategy designed to steal the election for Hillary. If not for the cheating, Trump no doubt would have won in a Reaganesque wipeout instead of a relatively narrow margin. Even Alaska's two Republican U.S. senators caved and jumped on Hillary's bandwagon, denouncing Trump and withdrawing their support. The same for political milk-toast weaklings like Sen. John McCain, the 2008 Republican nominee, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. It all left little room for optimism for the average, unsuspecting Trump voter. 

Adding to the dismay of many was Hillary's dubious conduct through the years. The chronic lying and deceit was sickening. Endangering Americans by exposing classified material with a private email server hidden in her home, gave away highly confidential information to our enemies who wish us harm. The secret email system was allegedly intended to conceal illicit activities of the Clinton Foundation, a front organization that pilfered money for Bubba and Hillary's personal use from millions in "donations" - bribes really - from selling her position as Secretary of State to the highest foreign bidders. 

Then for Hillary to lie that no classified emails were ever sent or received (contrary to FBI Director Comey's testimony), deleting them from her server and using special, sophisticated software to permanently wipe the server clean - all after receiving a subpoena from Congress to turn the evidence over as part of an investigation, was a major criminal cover-up and erased any remaining doubts that she was a credible presidential candidate. 

Such lying under oath, destroying evidence and obstructing justice would have landed anyone else in jail. But not Hillary. The equally corrupt Obama Administration protected her, from the "Justice" Department to the FBI to the State Department, all of whom collaborated to block an indictment. It was a gross abuse of power by our president, unprecedented in history. Then there was Hillary's vigorous defense of her serial rapist husband who was impeached by Congress for lying to a grand jury during his presidency. You can't get any uglier.

I prayed for God's intervention, as I know many Americans did. As I went about my business driving around Wasilla on Election Day, I asked that God help our country. The thought of four more years of a socialist agenda that promotes massive government control of us "deplorables" led by corrupt, anti-Christian leaders was frightening. It could have spelled disaster and proven the death knell of the United States as we know it.

While Trump is no saint, he is an extraordinarily successful businessman and leader. He believes as do most conservatives in less government influence, greater individual liberty, low taxes, limited regulation of small business and a strong private sector.  He's straight forward and brutally honest. And most important, he's a man of faith. This is precisely what we need and a vast improvement over the current White House occupant. 

After praying, I placed my trust in God that He would do what was best for our country. I felt peace for the first time in a long while. When the electoral votes revealed Trump the winner hours later, it was clear God had intervened. I breathed a huge sigh of relief, realizing our eight- year national nightmare was about to end.

We were truly at a crossroads on November 8th and thankfully chose a new direction. As Ronald Reagan used to say, "It's morning in America again." I feel like it's a new dawn after so many dark years. I'm thankful that we did not slip into the abyss and reach the point of no return. But it was very close as we dodged the proverbial bullet. 

This election experience does indeed prove that good triumphs over evil. Proverbs 14:19 says, "The evil bow before the good and the wicked at the gates of the righteous." God's hand was no doubt on the election, helping Trump win one for America.