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Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

You might have noticed by now, if you follow on Facebook, some video production work from my new company, Fryfogle Network News.    

I’ve developed this project over the last few years, a media company that is different from The People’s Paper. This company aims to do something similar philosophically. While the print publication will still allow local people to have their articles and content published in print, we will also have their content turned into web videos!    

Facilitating the First Amendment for those in my community.    

I’ve done this with various mediums for many years, even before starting the paper. As a musician, I hosted many open-mic events, and wrote a regular weekly column about local music for the Frontiersman for quite a few years. None of these efforts were paid. I worked other jobs along the way. Still, I found my life’s work, and I was willing to work overtime to chase that indescribably fulfilling feeling of giving local people a voice. Real public service. 

Rather than gatekeeper, I have strived to shape my role of publisher as a stewardship, a position of trust, not power. I achieve this by sourcing all content from real people, and letting their words speak for themselves in the printed pages of The People’s Paper - we try not to edit, except for grammar.    

However, making video products does not lend itself to the purity of thought that the written word allows.    

A video product requires voice work, music, images and effects. To make a good video, all of these elements must be present. However, all of these things have an effect on how the viewer hears and perceives. Music changes feelings, the tone of voice causes countless reactions and images are worth a thousand words.    

With the same sense of responsibility that we have applied to the paper, these videos will make use of the same content, as a script for the video news clips posted online.    

The viewer will get the gist of the article, and be provided a web link to read the original article in its entirety at the same time. Those who want to dig in deeper can read and ponder, and those who are in a hurry and just want a basic grasp of the topic can continue on with their busy lives.  Both the reader and the viewer are now informed.    

The reader might be better informed, but that’s nothing new.    

What is new is that with FNN, we will be able to reach a broader market of information-consumers with content that is locally sourced from real people.    

I look forward to networking with you.     

Fryfogle Network News.    

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