Adopt Nyla

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthmann, M.S., Clear Creek Cat Rescue

Nyla is a very shy cat at first; she was born a feral cat. She will take her time in getting to know you, but once she is settled she is a very loveable cat. Once she's at home, you might wake up to find her in bed with you or her sleeping on your face. 

She does fine with dogs after about a week or two of grumping at them. She rubs all over the dogs that she lives with now. She is terrified outside, and would rather stay indoors. She is a decent mouser, so you don't have to worry about tiny invaders coming into your home. She definitely likes her high places to perch and places to hide, so a cat tree is a must!

Nyla is about 5 years old.

She is currently eating Pro Pac Savannah Pride as a meal, and loves her canned food. She prefers pate to shreds. She is a little picky when it comes to foods. She does not like fish, but bird flavors are her favorite.

Her favorite toy is a flirt pole with a feather, but sometimes she can be persuaded to play with a laser light.

She would probably do best as an only cat. Her nervous tendencies tend to trigger other cats prey drives and get her harassed.

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