Boom Town Fears No Fish!

Contributed by Melinda Peterson

Boom Town Roller Derby’s eighth season is off and running, with the Derby Dames heading to Anchorage to play Rage City Rollergirls B-Team, the Sockeye Sallys, on November 17th. With the return of the Sockeye Sallys (brought out of retirement and replacing Orange Crush), there is familiarity for some of the Boomies.

“I’d like to think of myself as the origin of “Sally”, but the name was already labeled before I joined [Rage City] in 2009. As a former Sockeye Sally, I look forward to playing a throwback team with new face, skills, and determination! See you on the track!” -Pain Maker Sally

“With the return of the Sockeye Sallys, it’s going to be a great game for Boom Town.” -Valkyries Hammer

“The last time I played the Sockeye Sallys, our Pain Maker Sally was a Sally! I love playing with her as a teammate as much as I loved playing against her as an opponent.” -Kandi

Rage City’s Sockeye Sallys are Boom Town’s closest rival, with the teams trading wins back and forth. Love of the sport and fierce competition, combined with friendships and respect across team lines, lead to nail-biter games. “The best competition comes from a healthy rivalry. Building upon this mutual respect, both teams have practiced with this energy, fueling our goals and driving us to new heights. We feed off of the pressure from our closest opponent, and meet their intensity with determination and an indomitable spirit,” says Athena Latina

Boom Town’s home games begin January 12th, versus Petersburg Ragnarok Rollers. BTRD is excited to be hosting this feisty team from Southeast Alaska for the first time outside of State Tournament play. Home games are held at the Menard Sports Center in Wasilla, 1001 S. Clapp St., with tickets available at the door, on Brown Paper Tickets, or from your favorite skaters.

Interested in joining Boom Town? We are always looking for new league members! There are both Non-Skating and Skating roles to be filled as volunteers, officials, and as skating team members. Email our recruitment team today at, watch for future recruiting events posted to the Boom Town Roller Derby Facebook page, OR visit the recruiting station at any home game to talk with league members.