Who Are You?

Contributed by Lisha Antiqua

This time of year, with holiday parties and end of year events, you more than likely will be asked in one way or another, to explain who you are.

Commonly, when asked, people explain themselves by what they do (mother, business man, nurse, teacher etc...), or by who we are associated with (Chris’s wife, Sarah’s son).

Yet, all of this can be stripped away in a moment. I recall a client of mine, right after she went through a divorce say, “Now who am I?” I had another lose his job and have to file bankruptcy, I recall him feeling the sadness and honestly shame of his losses as “losing his identity.”

So, who are you?

This time of year, it is important to take a moment and reflect. Affirm that you are so much more than anything that is outside of you. You are so much more than even what normally is used to explain yourself to someone; she is tall, he is short, or even ideas like: she believes in Santa, he believes in love at first sight.

Have you heard the saying “you are not your body, you have a body?” Or “You are a soul having a human experience.” This season, take a moment to separate yourself from all that is defining you, and connect with yourself.

You are light; you are that which you are.

Know yourself - have peace and take to heart that no matter what happens to you, or around you, you will always be you.

Lessons to remember from Your Own University – president: Lisha Antiqua