Lovely Sitka Calls To Me

Contributed by Randi Perlman

Lovely Sitka by the sea, of late it has called out to me
So I planned a little odyssey, an introspective journey.

I landed in a little court, known as Rocky Gutierrez Airport
Where locals & travelers cavort, and a fabulous restaurant, of course!

Full of legend and history, of native lore and Russian monarchy
Klingit and Haida totem poles, and Russian churches gilded with gold.

Native dance and storytelling;  
How Alaska to the U.S., the Russians were selling.

Artistic endeavors abound in this town;
Wood and silver carvers, weavers of baskets & gowns

Musicians, theater, writers galore;
Whale Fest, ArtiGras, Wearable Art Shows and more!

A feast for the senses, in a southeast laid-back way
Immersed in cultural history, with the conveniences of today

The Raptor Center and Fortress of the Bear, just a few of the highlights to visit –
Tucked into the rainforest and skirting the ocean, with multiple mind-bending vistas!

The mountains, the forest, islands dotting the shoreline –
The fish are a-jumpin’, the wildlife easy to find.

It does rain a bit - like most days I was there –
When humidity is high, it’s custom-made for bad hair.

But when the sun shines on this glorious island,
You’ll understand why Sitkans are so proud to call it my land!

And when you head back to Sitka’s small island airport,
You’ll wish for the day back to Sitka you can transport. 

Lovely Sitka by the sea, of late it has called out to me
I enjoyed my little odyssey, and all the things it did teach me.

One day I’ll be southeast bound, and will return to Sitka Sound.
But until then, I’ll live & play, in the lovely Mat-Su Valley.

Whether Sutton or Willow, Talkeetna or Nome,
There’s one thing for certain – there’s no place like home.

And if you think that on the other side, the grass is always greener
It’s possibly true, and probably due, to constant raining streamers!