Murder Is On The Menu And Everyone Is Suspect!

Contributed by Jan Newman

Murder at The Morgue – Mystery Night
11/5/2016 – 7PM
The Annex, Palmer
Tickets: $35

Next month, The Annex, which is located in the old Palmer City Morgue (circa 1952) is holding its 2nd Annual Mystery Night Party! 

This year, Murder at The Morgue - Mystery Night has been retooled to get everyone involved! Prepare to do your part as each guest will play a role in the mystery (playing an ‘Investigator” is an option for those more bashful types). At some point during the evening, one of the guests will be “killed” by one of the other participants, and the remainder of the evening will be spent piecing together clues to determine who the murderer is. You will do your sleuthing during this fateful evening and gathering clues as the night unfolds. 

As you work to solve the case, you may enjoy the delicious local foods appetizer buffet and a basic cash bar. The Murder at The Morgue - Mystery Night includes treachery, blackmail, intrigue and murder so make sure to interrogate your friends and acquaintances as well. In order to identify the guilty parties, you will need to collect clues from as many people as possible. And stay alert - the suspects will be all around you and murder can happen at any time! 

Tickets are limited - get your character now!  

Tickets are $35 and are available at The Annex, or by calling 907.745.3900 between 10am-3pm.