The Alaskans Are Coming!

Contributed by J.R. Myers, Chairman of the Alaska Constitution Party

It has now been two years since my run for Governor of Alaska. At that time, I warned of many changes which were coming to our great land. We are beginning to see these careless and destructive changes being rapidly implemented by our leaders in Juneau. Alaska is now in a recession. We are seeing increasing numbers of our friends, family and neighbors leave the state. The government in Juneau is increasingly out of touch with the people. We have witnessed the governor attack the PFD, cutting in half what the people rightfully expected to receive this year, seizing a thousand dollars from every eligible man, woman and child in Alaska in a scheme to feed bloated government. This is the singular most destructive economic act possible at this time in our history.

To say that the governor and the legislature are out of touch, is a gross understatement. They have now declared economic war on the people of Alaska. There is serious talk about imposing a statewide income tax, a statewide sales tax and even a statewide property tax, in addition to myriad fee increases on such things as hunting, fishing and recreation. The decision has been made to sacrifice the private economy to benefit the public sector. This is doomed to failure.  

We the people of Alaska must reassert ourselves in the face of this growing tyranny. That is why the Alaska Constitution Party has been working so hard since 2010. It is our goal to recruit and support quality candidates and to educate ourselves and the public about what is now taking place in the cloistered halls of power. Juneau has become an elitist fortress, set against the people of Alaska. They have forgotten who they serve, and why they were sent there. We are here to remind them, and to take back the reins of power for the people of Alaska.

This year we will have six candidates on the Alaska ballot. In addition to our presidential ticket of Darrell Castle/Scott Bradley, we have four legislative candidates. The Alaska Constitution Party legislative candidates are: Pamela Goode House District 9, Delta Junction; Karen Perry House District 12, Chugiak; J.R. Myers House District 30, Kenai/Soldotna and Kenneth Shaw House District 36, Ketchikan. We have agreed to the following seven point contract with Alaskans.

•    “Restore and Protect the PFD” The PFD belongs to the people!
•    “No Statewide Income Tax” Don’t feed the bloated ravenous beast!  
•    “No Statewide Sales Tax” The government appetite for revenue never ends!
•    “Promote the Sustainable ISER/Goldsmith Budget Target” Currently about 3.8 billion         dollars.
•    “Restore Privacy Rights” Stop state collecting and sharing of personal info with the feds in vulnerable data bases!
•    “Protect Innocent Life from Conception to Natural Death” We oppose assisted suicide and all attempts to diminish our humanity!
•    “Comprehensive Election Reform” Stop subsidizing meaningless party primaries.  Let all candidates and parties compete on an equal footing. Implement verifiable balloting and vote counting.

We hear much about patriotism. What is true patriotism? The most patriotic thing one can do is register to vote, become informed on the issues and educated on the process, and then participate by casting your vote! Encourage others and get out and vote on Tuesday, November 8. Consider the Constitution Party and our candidates, as well as other liberty loving constitutionally-based candidates. Together, we can reclaim our government. We must get involved and do it! God Bless Alaska! The Alaskans are coming, see you at the polls. For more information go to