Why I’m Voting No On Measure 1

Contributed by Mike Coons

I am voting no on on Prop 1. I hope my following comments will encourage others to do the same.

Our last election, primary for legislators, was at best 18% voter turnout. That was 18% of those registered voters, not of all Alaskans. I would dare say that if each Alaskan that applied for the PFD was a registered voter (as this prop will do), that 18% would now be maybe 2-5%!

As an adult, I have voted ever since I was 18. The times I missed a vote were few and far between, mostly local races when I was overseas with the USAF and had no idea about the issues or the persons. I don't vote for or against if I don't know the person, issue, record, etc.

So what will happen with Prop 1 if passed? Well, for one, how about those no longer illegible for the PFD that are known to apply anyway? Sure, they may be denied the PFD, like those “actors” did in the southeast. However, they will still be on the voters’ role. The second those who could care less will be “registered to vote”, then will not exercise that right!

But here is the major issue for me. If a person doesn't vote, doesn't want to vote or doesn't care about “politics”, then those are the vast persons whom have not registered to vote. That is their choice and I do respect that choice. I'd rather have educated voters than those whom have no intent on knowing or researching the issue.

Why is this then up for a vote? Simple, the Democrats want to have the appearance of that we of the state of Alaska, are doing all we can to not have disaffected voters. In today's voting, the only disaffected voters were those whom were turned down to vote as Republicans or given two ballots, etc., as happened in District 40 that our Division of Elections glossed over!

Bottom Line:

If you want to vote and haven't registered to vote, then do so. It is so easy to do, go to www.elections.alaska.gov/csm_contact_reo.php to find out where to register. All you need is a valid ID, simple! For those who don't care, don't want to be bothered, have no desire to vote for candidates or for issues that impact all Alaskans, then don't bother!

Vote no on Prop 1!