Adopt Jack And Jill

Contributed by Sumitra Shinde, Mat-Su Borough Animal Shelter

Jack and Jill are siblings that are about 4 years old. They’re domestic, longhair cats with lovely manes. They have been raised together since kitten-hood, and this dynamic duo will be adopted out together. 

Both cats are very well adjusted to family, children, and other pets too - including rabbits and guinea pigs. They are litter box trained, but primarily have used the outdoors in the summer and litter box inside during winter. They will go to the door when they want in. 

Both are good mousers that also enjoy playing with toys, and they were very good about using their scratchy post instead of causing any damage in the home. Both are inquisitive cats that like human affection, and Jack really enjoys to be scratched while he purrs in your arms.