Fear No More! Toastmasters Is Here!

Contributed by Antiqua Libbey

Have you ever wanted to overcome your fear of public speaking?

Public speaking is the second biggest fear, only after death, or so the rumor goes. However, we at Toastmasters are dedicated to moving that fear down the list. Making it fun to get out of your comfort zone, stretch yourself and become the leader you know you are.

It's free to come and be our guest every Tuesday night in Palmer Alaska and the MTA building at 6 PM. You'll be joining a fantastic group of people getting together to explore public speaking, leadership and simply have fun.

This past week, we had two of our members, Dr. Anna Altair and Noah Betzen, compete in our regional Toastmasters competition in Anchorage. Dr. Anna came in 2nd overall in the Tall Tails category, just missing her chance to compete for in Fairbanks in the district event. Noah commented in the tall tales category, “If you don't know what a tall tale is, it's an often funny story, that's all made up. As far as table topics, that's when somebody else gives you a subject and you have 2 to 3 minutes to talk about it impromptu.”

When you come to Toastmasters, we give you plenty of time that you can sit, watch and observe without any pressure to speak. As you warm up to speak, you will also learn about hot topics as that day's presenters share their speeches; that will make your laugh, teach you somethings new and develop your leadership skills.

Toastmasters has a lot to offer you. You're welcome to come and meet us at the MTA building downstairs in the basement floor at 6 PM on Tuesday nights and Palmer. See you there.