Music Concert/Musical Art Exhibit- Vagabond Blues

Contributed by Tina Larkin, Visual Artist and Musician

What the heck is synesthesia? It literally means the joining of the senses. Some people can hear colors or see music, and right here in the Mat-Su Valley is Tina Larkin, a visual artist, musician and teacher who can do just that.  

“The first time I heard the Beatles song, She Loves You, I said out loud, “Wow, what a pretty, red song”, and got yelled at for being weird. I therefore learned at an early age to not talk about the fact that I can see music and hear color. Once I went off to college and began art school, this neurological phenomenon became an asset.”  

Vagabond Blues in Palmer is hosting two synesthetic events this month and next.  

September 10 - October 14: Art Exhibit of Larkin's mixed medium art created with music.  

October 8, 7pm: A Concert of Visual Music with Tina Larkin on harp, fiddle, ukulele and with special guests Shonti Elder, fiddle and Naomi Stamoolis, oboe. This family friendly concert will offer a few audience participation surprises as well, so don't miss it! Sponsored by the Palmer Arts Council.  

When she is not performing or making art, Tina Larkin owns and operates the Larkin Music and Art Studio, where she teaches fiddle, violin, harp, ukulele, and guitar and also offers art classes to folks of all ages.  

For more information, call 513-305-0476 or go to website,