The Alaska Community Foundation Announces Scholarship Awards: 52 Alaskan Students Received Educational Opportunities Through ACF Scholarships


The Alaska Community Foundation is pleased to announce academic scholarship awards to 52 students across the state. Established by community members who are passionate about helping students achieve their dreams, scholarships at the Alaska Community Foundation are awarded to students in many different fields: from orchestral musicians, students pursuing science and technology careers and even Alaskan athletes aspiring to compete in the Winter Olympics.

 “Being awarded this scholarship gets me one step further to my goal of becoming an occupational therapist. I’m attending the same college my mother went to. At the time she was going, tuition was half as much. This helps us not only financially, but also gave my mother and I some hope that attending the University of Portland was more foreseeable. And for this, I am very grateful to the Alaska Community Foundation, Thank you!”

- Melissa Allen, a Neal O. Thorpe Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The Neal O. Thorpe Memorial Scholarship was established to support graduates of Alaskan high schools who intend to pursue post-secondary education at one of 16 institutions selected by the donor, with preference given to first generation college students, Alaska Native students, and other underserved populations.

“I am so appreciative of the scholarship I received through ACF. There are very few training opportunities within Alaska in field of volunteer management. Through this scholarship, I was able to attend the National Conference on Volunteering and Service which offers a wide range of workshops and resources. I am able to take what I’ve learned to better lead the volunteer programs at Covenant House Alaska and network with other professionals in my field. Thank you to ACF for this amazing opportunity!”  

- Holly Payne, Professional Development of Volunteer Administrators Scholarship Recipient

The Professional Development of Volunteer Administrators Fund was established by the Anchorage Association for Volunteer Administrators to promote professional development of volunteer administrators. Awarded funds may support activities such as attending trainings/conferences and related expenses. Curriculum of the training/conference must be directly connected to the work of volunteer administration.

Scholarships at the Alaska Community Foundation range in size from $500 to $20,000, with some providing multi-year support. Alaskans interested in making a lasting impact on their state by supporting educational opportunities can establish scholarship funds with ACF that support students in a variety of ways. ACF provides administrative support, helps develop scholarship guidelines and ensures every scholarship awarded is in accordance with IRS requirements. 

Scholarship season isn’t over yet at the Alaska Community Foundation. There are three more scholarships that are still open for 2016. The David E. Knox Memorial Nursing Fellowship is open from September 1st to October 21st. The Returning Exchange Student Scholarship is open from September 1 to October 21st, and the Shelly Szepanski Memorial Flight Scholarship is open from September 1st – September 15th. Please share the word!

Visit our website for a complete list of scholarship recipients:

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