The Babysitter: A Novel Of Slavery, Murder And Corruption In Modern Day Alaska


Release date September 14, 2016 from Solstice Publishing by Bruce Lee Bond, author of Treasures of the Night, The Broken Coast and Girls Gone South from Montag Press. 

Torn from reality and stretching from the bowels of Spenard, mansions on the hillside and abandoned mines in the Talkeetna Mountains, Bruce Lee Bond’s The Babysitter rips the covers off an Alaskan underworld that has thrived since the gold rush.

From escort services that control underage girls through violence, drugs and deception, through after hours joints and strip clubs, follow the drug trade, corrupt cops and unsolved killings as a secret war rages in the long night, leaving corpses in mine shafts and dismembered bodies in Turnagain Arm. 

Coming from Solstice Publishing on Amazon Prime on September 14, or get an autographed copy from the author at the Alaska Writers Conference Sept. 23-24 at the Alaska Airlines Center.