Welcome To Wasilla Part II

Contributed by Kevin S. Baker, Bakers Campaign

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I am running for Mayor of Wasilla.

Our past administrations have relied heavily on the general sales taxes for increasing the size of government.  The business owners in Wasilla are already competing with both outside city limits and Anchorage businesses. An increase in the general sales tax will cause damage. We need to find other ways to cut expenses while raising new moneys. Wasilla’s spending habits and budget shortfalls needs more accountability. 

An example is Wasilla’s Sports Center which requires $700,000 to $800,000 in funding from the general account just to maintain. We need to find a way to make this profitable. A yearly operating loss makes no sense. As Wasilla’s mayor, I’ll meet with department heads to come up with solutions for increase revenues at the Sports Center. As an example… as mentioned by many vendors… there needs to be a reader event sign at the corner of Parks Highway and S. Clapp Road, attracting traffic from Parks Highway is critical for the Sports Center’s future existence. 

The voters in the Mat-Su Borough approved a cigarette sales (sin) tax, likewise a cannabis sales (sin) tax appears appropriate.

I am anti-crime or against crime. My wife and I know what it feels like when your home is invaded. We know what it feels like when not one, but two vehicles were stolen from us. We know what it is feels like when your business is burglarized. Each time the bad guys were caught, not much happened. As mayor, I will meet with police department and others while promoting the State of Alaska’s legislators repealing SB 91. Increasing the size of our police force won’t accomplish much until our law makers reconsider SB 91.  

Funding for public education has decreased over the years, in particular extra-curricular activities. Keeping our kids entertained with activities is crucial for future well-being. Making the future better for our kids, teachers and schools situated in Wasilla is near the top of my list of priorities.

About 500,000 tourist travel through Wasilla each year. With all of our city’s attributes, there isn’t any reason we shouldn’t have more tourists stop in. As mayor, I would promote Wasilla as a destination, reversing the current Valley stigmas, benefiting both large and small businesses. 

Over the years, the city’s residence voices have been primarily ignored by current administration. Closing that communication gap is necessarily for our future goals and ideas. As mayor, my citizens will be more important than ever before.

A lifelong Christian, my motto is, “Let go of what was and have faith in what will be.”

Please vote for me on October Three (3).

Kevin S Baker
230 E Paulson Avenue Suite 68
Wasilla, AK 99654