Denise Lane's Story

Contributed by Scott Laney

 Approximately 8:25pm on February 6th, I was on Barter Island working as a cook. I ended my shift and got ready to turn in for the night when I felt a prompting to especially pray for my son, Scott. I ask our Heavenly Father to please take Scott back into his hands because whatever was going to happen, He would be able to protect Scott and keep him safe if anything should endanger his life!

 I was also afraid Scott was not saved and knew he was too busy to make sure he had a personal relationship with Jesus. I know in my heart Jesus is Savior, and the only true God. So this is why I put Scott in Gods trusted hands.

Approximately eight hours later, an emergency call was received 911 at 5:20 am. Scott had been hit by a car going 60 mph, as he was waving down a car on KGB road. His phone was in his hand so he called his girlfriend and told her what had happened. He was of course in disbelief. “He hit me,” Scott stated in disbelief before he went unconscious. His neighbor who had seen the car hit him, ran up to his side and turned Scott onto his side to keep him breathing.

 Scott later on recounts his experience and said, “I found myself walking on clouds and I was in front of Heavens Gates and I thought I was going to go in. As I was waiting, I had time to notice the pattern on the trees that formed the fence as far as the eyes could see. Over the top of the gates was a very bright light emanating. All of a sudden I was back in my body.”

 Scott said he could see an ambulance there. But the only person he could see there was Jesus! “Jesus picked me up and I knew I was safe. He smiled at me with His love and caring. Then he brought me into the ambulance and there he began to perform healing upon my chest. A cylinder shaped gold crown began to circularly turn and Jesus just held his hand above the golden light.”