"The Tempest"

Contributed by Donald Cutler

The evening was cold when home I arrived,

With pinpoint stars in darkening skies.

But in the hearth a fire raged

Removing the chill from a very long day.

Deep inside my cushioned bed,

I snuggled warm where I lay my head.

And like a small child in comfort’s cradle,

I drifted away, dreams poured from a ladle.

Then far into the night a tempest roared,

Like a knight angry who’d drawn his sword.

Torn from my slumber outside I did heed,

To witness the rage of nature’s dark deed.

Morning revealed a world with cold wonders,

Like shards of glass, ice flowed from the shutters.

The trees were all empty, the few leaves had fled.

The wind had taken the last to be shed.

Outside I did venture to fulfill the day’s tasks,

I pondered the moment and knew it would not last.

For spring would soon come and warm winds would blow,

Removing the cover of last night’s deep snow.