Generation Hope

Contributed by David Rusher

Overall, there is an inherently negative world view about our youth today (Generation Z). If you interviewed anyone off of the street who was born in the mid to early 90’s and asked them if there was hope in the future for things like job growth or world peace for example, their answers would probably be grim at best. This is the generation that questions hope, that could care less about our government or the direction that our country is going.

There is a group of our youth today, however, that see things differently. They look at the world through a different lens. These young men and women whom I attend classes with and fellowship in the halls with at the Alaska Bible College look at the world through the lens of hope and love.

These students, these young men and women, approach not just community issues but world issues with a zeal to enhance the quality of life for all. There is a life that flows through the halls of the Alaska Bible College and a light that shines into the darkness from the confines of these walls.

These students have the best humanitarian teacher that ever walked the face of the Earth, Jesus Christ. These students are not just preparing for a bright future but live it out daily in love through Christ. It is this love and compassion that will help shape communities, and guide the course of a nation. It is by Christian foundations that this great nation was founded upon and it is by Christian foundations that this nation will be great again.

When I look around me in class and in the hallways, I see hope for the future. I see restoration in our communities and churches and local, state and federal governments. I see mighty men and women of God who will do great things in His name because they have a deep grounded understanding that they are called to do great things in His name. They understand that they are not of this world but are set apart, that they may go into the world and be a light unto darkness.