Summer Where Art Thou?

Contributed by Eddie Ezelle, Executive Director of MatSu Food Bank

Here we are another month into 2017 and somewhere I missed summer it seems. August, eight of twelve months gone. We need to be more like our dogs - live in the moment. Don’t worry over the past or the future. One we cannot change and the other we only hope we can. Live as our best friends do; for today, live in the now. Laugh, love and live for the moment.

It’s great if we can philosophize about this, but reality sets in and for some of us, we can only wonder and worry about where our next meal is coming from and how long is it from now? Especially for kids.

Something so simple, but so profound that it can change the course of history. “An army marches on its stomach. To be effective, an army relies on good and plentiful food.” This is attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte. Even he knew of the effects food has. 

Here at the MatSu Food Bank, we understand. We do food. We have been doing food since 1984 and have not strayed from that goal of helping to feed people. Food is one of the basics for people to survive and thrive, along with clothing and shelter to allow you to be involved and a productive part of a community. There are of course things we need like air and sleep, but basic food and shelter are what most of us think about. If you do not have the basics, you cannot think of anything else until that is acquired. Then and only then can you think of other things such as education, jobs or any of the many things we all take for granted because we already have them.

I ask you to think of others who may be that one step away from being safe, secure and fed. We offer a hand up not a handout. The MatSu Food Bank works toward that goal of no one being hungry. If you think about it, if everyone had enough food, our crime rate would probably drop significantly. Children could grow and thrive and who knows, it might be that child we feed today that grows up to be a great leader, doctor, lawyer or that scientist that solves a major world issue. It is one of many reasons we provide free meals in the summer for children eighteen and under through the Food4Kids program.

School starts, (sorry kids) and money gets tighter for families. We ask that you help us achieve that lofty goal that no one should go hungry by donating any amount you can help us with to feed folks in need, your neighbors. Keep in mind that what you eat, someone else would be grateful to have too. I encourage people to help by donating an ongoing sustaining amount, such as $20.00 a month. Not much and equals about four lattes. To help a neighbor struggling to get out of a bad situation, we ask you for whatever you can give. 

Please visit us at for more information on how to donate or volunteer, and a list of suggested items we can always use. 

I hope you are enjoying summer and thanks for reading.