Recyclers Participate In The Alaska State Fair!

Contributed by Elaine Albertson, VCRS Fair Booth Coordinator

Dear Recyclers,

This year, VCRS will participate in the Alaska State Fair Parade in downtown Palmer, Saturday, August 26th. We’d love for you to join us! You could dress up in your favorite costume made of reused materials. You could hand out VCRS flyers to parade watchers. You could hold the VCRS banner. Or you could just walk along and wave to the crowd!

As part of our parade presence, we’d like a few hybrid/electric vehicles. We’ve got the Toyota Prius covered, but we’d like info on others – electric motorbike, electric golf cart, Tesla car and other hybrid cars (Ford Fusion, Chevy Volt, etc.) – specifically, who has one and might be willing to drive it in the parade.

Also, we’d like to have an activity for kids in our Recycling Education Booth. We’re going to use the Plastic Bag Committee’s idea of gluing a magnet and their BYOB logo (Bring Your Own Bag) to lids, making fridge magnets for the kids to take home and more importantly, reminding parents to use reusable bags rather than single-use plastic ones.

If you have any lids you can donate for this activity, we’d really appreciate them! We’re wanting lids that are three to four inches in diameter, specifically (a) canning jar lids, (b) jam/pickle type jar lids and (c) ends of frozen juice cans. We’ll have containers in the drive-thru for people to put their clean lids in.

Thanks much!