Adopt Jake

Contributed by Sumitra Shinde – Animal Care Dispatcher

Jake is an almost 7 year old Alaskan husky mix. He is high energy with a nervous, but friendly nature. He is rather independent and has not been taught basic commands. Jake was returned to the shelter for attacking chickens and not behaving in a trustworthy manner around the children when adults weren't around. The previous owner stated that he has been somewhat house trained, but he prefers to be outside and is very anxious in the house. 

He's a good looking dog, built strong and would go all day on hikes. Jake loves to play and run and be adventurous. He's smart and athletic, which has been shown in his ability to escape by jumping the fence, slipping a collar and digging. Jake is used to riding in a car and being kenneled. He has shown some food aggression at times. Jake is a high energy dog that will likely bond best with his human through lots and lots of shared exercise time that is positively rewarding to him. He will also need to go to a home with no small children or small animals.