Build The Wall, Stop The Heroin

Contributed by Josh Fryfogle

I asked the father of a young woman who died, where is the heroin coming from?

My first thought was wrong. I thought it was coming from the Middle East. He corrected me.

"Some of it is coming from over there," he said, "but most is coming from Mexico."

"Coming through Mexico? So it's grown in the Middle East and smuggled in through Mexico?"

 "No, they are growing it in Mexico."

I googled it. You should too. He's right.

This wall isn't racist. The wall is necessity now, because of the failed war on drugs - which has always been a war on addicts. People here are dying because of their black market import system.

Now another man, James Hastings, who I consider a friend - and a friend to countless people in our community - is affected. His family is hurting.  


My friend's daughter is in a coma, because of this heroin. From Mexico.

Someone needs to do something to stop this, no matter the cost. The government needs to protect our daughters and sons from what is essentially chemical warfare. 

Both of these men's daughters, one gone, one in peril, are the victims of our politicized immigration system. Polarized by partisan politics, these young women, our young women, are under attack.

The very least we could do is build a wall. I hope that's only the beginning. I hope they use state of the art tech to make sure that the wall isn't breached. I hope they pull our troops out of the Middle East and station them along the border.

I hope my friend's daughter awakens to a world where we protect our women and children from those who would use chemical warfare against us, mercenaries from Mexico willing to kill our people, while hiding behind their own. 

I hope my friend's daughter wakes up from her coma. I hope we wake up, too.

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