My Personal Journey

Contributed by Anna Altair

I grew up in southern Indiana where the typical diet was lots of dairy, refined sugar, grains and meat three times a day. All of these foods, especially the sugars and dairy products, are very mucous forming. Therefore, I developed addictions to "the red cough medicine", and allergies so that I always had the sniffles. My sinus cavities were blocked, and severe constipation and sleep problems were prevalent even as early as 8 years old. Soon daily migraine headaches started and my bones and joints ached all the time. 

Late in my 20s, after trying many prescriptions from many different doctors, I recognized these remedies were not helping me heal. It was then I started listening to the advice of nature - keep it simple.

 Nature's Way:

1). Natural Health Is Traditional Medicine - Make Your Food Your Medicine (Natural (nature's) health is not alternative.)
2). Nature's way is thousands of years old. Chemical meds are 150-200 years old. 
3). Disease has skyrocketed since chemical medicine - disease in more and more forms. 
4). Natural remedies will alkalize, clean and regenerate the body. (Most chemicals weaken and destroy cells.) 
5). As your body detoxifies and regenerates, you will go through symptoms of "healing crisis". This is necessary, normal and positive! Rejoice! Just dump gunk that makes you sick. 
6). Vibrant health does not occur overnight. Sometimes it is very hard work, and well worth it because you connect more closely with life, love and all the beauty of creation. 
7). That is why I am here. Why are you here? 

Contact Dr, Anna Altair, at Altair Chiropractic in Wasilla 907-357-1818. Her journey to health is interesting and helpful to those suffering with disease. Good health is your birthright!