The Matter Of The Deserted Airliner

Contributed by Steve Levi
An airplane with no pilot, crew or passengers lands at Anchorage International Airport. As the authorities are pondering the circumstances of the arrival, a ransom demand is made for $25 million in diamonds and precious stones. Chief of Detectives for the Sandersonville, North Carolina Police Department, Captain Heinz Noonan, is visiting his in-laws in Anchorage when he is called onto the case. For the next thirty-six hours, he pieces together the puzzle of how the crime was committed. But can he solve the crime, free the hostages and locate the perpetrators before the ransom is paid? 
Locally written, locally published: – buy it locally, for the local writer makes more money.
 And, keep an eye out for Cirque. It is doing a special section on the poetry magazine I and another poet produced for three years – 1980-1983. I’m sure Cirque will let you reprint it.