Adopt Gray Laser Eyes

Contributed by Kelleigh Orthman M.S.

Gray Laser Eyes is a sleek, beautiful black boy with a few extra pounds. He is diabetic and needs insulin each day, but that does not change his amazing sweetness.

Gray Laser Eyes is a wonderful boy who is fine with other nice cats, dogs and people. He loves to cuddle. He would sit on your lap and give you cheek rubs for as long as you like. He's maybe seven or eight years old and he still likes to get a little silly from time to time, play with a toy and entertain his family. 

He amazingly settled into a home with lots of big dogs without much problem at all. He would love to go outside and do a little hunting, get some fresh air and enjoy the pleasures of a yard. He is just about the perfect cat with a great personality.

In Wasilla. Call 907-980-8898

Clear Creek Cat Rescue
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