Join MY House for the 4th Annual Viewing of The Hunting Ground

Contributed by Brandi Kinney

The Hunting Ground Viewing
04/17/2019 – 3PM
MY House
Gathering Grounds Café
300 N Willow St. Wasilla
FREE Event – (907) 373-4357

Did you know that in the state of Alaska, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men experience sexual assault?

These rates make Alaska the highest-ranked state for sexual assault in the nation, at three times the national average. These numbers need to change, and the time is now!

Please join MY House at Gathering Grounds Café on Wednesday, April 17th, from 3pm to 6pm, for our 4th annual viewing of “The Hunting Ground”.

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This documentary outlines sexual assault on college campuses, expanding on how college administration and society fails to hold the rapists/assailants accountable. Due to graphic content, we do ask that no one under the age of 14 attend this viewing without a guardian.

In addition to this viewing, we will be hosting a community conversation on what we, as individuals, as a community, and as a state, can do to prevent sexual assault and help our victims heal.

Please feel free to contact MY House at (907) 373-4357 for further information about this event.