Why Is Sally Hitchcock Giving Monthly Recital/Talks?

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Contributed by Sally Hitchcock

Hitchcock Piano Studio Monthly Mini-Recital/Talk
10/22/2018, 11/26/2018, 12/24/2018 - 7PM
Hitchcock Piano Studio
950 W Edinborough Dr. Palmer
FREE Event

After months of scheduling a recital/talk for my 4th Monday happenings, I realized how many kinds of such events I have attended over my 40 years of teaching. Most of them were for gathering facts, teaching ideas and information about piano music. My events have a totally different slant. My favorite kinds of music, the ways I changed teaching methods and the marvelous batch of students that have come through the various doors of Hitchcock Piano Studio over the years are real fodder for the tales I tell, related to the music I play.

About the middle of every month, I start to worry about having a full program of music and the stories about each selection. Actually, I think I could go on for years, using the same format with different stories. Actually, the limiting thing is only the arthritis in my hands. I can no longer play Scott Joplin and Joseph Lamb Ragtime for hours on end like I used to.

In September, I returned to my favorite event outline: comparing various eras of music and attitudes towards life and art, and how it relates to each kind of music. With the new music and their stories, there was much more laughter than I expected. I love doing these events because now at my semi-retired time of life, I can get back to playing the piano for my own enjoyment.

Recently, as the family began installing my new front door, my youngest daughter said she wanted to see carol singing here around my piano. Checking the calendar, the 4th Monday of December is Christmas Eve. So, we are scheduling a carol sing (I have plenty of song books and sheets of the words in my hall closet with the Christmas music.); 7pm sounds like a good time to take a break from all the preparing and relax with other families around a piano. Maybe stay home and quietly finish the preparation, and send the family off to sing.

There are two more 4th Mondays before then, and all are welcome to come hear my music and stories: October 22nd and November 26th.