Take Ownership Or The Government Will

Contributed by Pamela Goode, State House District 9 Candidate

Governments are like pigs with insatiable appetites. They will never stop devouring unless the people stop feeding them. For the past two years all we have heard is how Alaska is out of money and we need to find more to “fill the gap”. More means you. The phrase “cut spending” is minimized. We are not out of money, our government is out of control and has been for a while! Governor Walker has spent tons of money to convince you it's time for us all to give more of our money to keep the government operating and services flowing. The sad truth is, many of you are believing it. Stop!

The only reason this effort is taking place is because the government feels they actually have a chance of you believing them. It's called a Delphi Effort. They are throwing spaghetti against the wall and seeing what sticks. In other words, you are being tested to see what you are willing to believe and let happen! The minute you take ownership of what belongs to you and act like it, the government will back off and live within their means just like you and I have to. Until then, don't be surprised at what they come up with next. Bureaucrats are getting paid to find ways to get your money.

The resources in this state belong to current and future Alaskans, from statehood. Own them! The Permanent Fund (PF) belongs to you and all future Alaskans. Own it! The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) belongs to you, your children and all future Alaskans. Own it!  Your earned/invested/inherited income and property belongs to you. Own it! Now act like it and protect what belongs to you! 

Men, if a stranger came up to you and literally stuck his hand in your pocket and those of your wife and children and pulled out $1,000 each, what would you do? Stand there and let them do it? That is exactly what is happening right now. What does that teach the next generation? If a police officer was standing there letting them do it or helping them do it, wouldn't you fire him or put him behind bars?  

This is what our government, who is hired to protect our rights and not violate them, is doing to us and expecting to be rehired (re-elected). Are we insane? So when you get your $1,000 instead of the $2,100 PFD owed, I want you to think about what you just read. Our founders and framers are rolling over in their graves wondering why they even bothered.  

How about the latest assault? The governor's cronies are trying to convince the PF board to buy the refundable oil and gas tax credits he just vetoed? I kid you not! He just asked the PF board to essentially consider using your PF money to purchase over $700 million of promises the legislature made to oil & gas companies. These promises in credits were to be paid from the operating budget, not your PF. This is extremely irresponsible and a bad precedence you do not want to start! Folks, our government has run amuck and is spending out of control. Let’s own the mistake and send the right people down to Juneau!  

We need new leadership ASAP! Discipline starts with the people and their ability to say no, and then do something about it. Elections are in less than two months to address this problem and there are recall papers floating around for Mr. Walker. I'm running for state house in District 9. I'm not lukewarm and know when violations have taken place and lines have been crossed. I have a vote and voice and I'm not afraid to use either of them.