Call For Cirque Issue #17 Submissions! 

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Contributed by Sandra Kleven, Editor with Michael Burwell  

Dear Friends of Cirque,

Submissions for Issue #17 will be accepted through September 21, 2017. Cirque considers writing in all genres and also invite painters, sculptors and photographers to submit images.  

We just returned from readings in Bellingham, Seattle and Portland. Many people we met called #16 the best issue ever. Check it out here
Cirque is an independent journal run by volunteers and supported by our friends. We offer a full page ad for just $100. You can donate money by way of the PayPal link, below. Copies of the current issue may be purchased via the webpage or subscribe for $42. Help us produce the next issue.  

Please use this email to submit your work:  

Thanks everyone. Your support makes Cirque happen.