A Letter From Brad Hanson

Brad Hanson.JPG

Contributed by Brad Hanson

Most people who know me will agree that I am a much better Palmer Councilman than I am a politician or campaigner. Campaigns are, however, an important part of the process, so I will do my best to again earn your trust and vote as I have in the past. I am honored to serve as your councilman because I know that the decisions made at City Hall affect our lives, our families, homes, businesses and the quality of life that we enjoy as Palmer residents.  

Carolyn and I and our kids Michael, Jared and Haley live, work and volunteer in Palmer. Our investments are not only financial in our home and businesses, but socially and emotionally. We are proud that we have worked hard and made contributions to make Palmer a great place to live. 

My commitment to you as a city councilman will be the same it has been for the last nineteen years. I will continue to be a good steward of your tax dollars. Voters entrust elected officials to make prudent, effective decisions on where, why and how your tax dollars are invested in this community. I have a proven record of making the right decisions for Palmer. 

Our community is attractive, city government is run efficiently, our infrastructure is in great shape, our community is safe, our business community is healthy and we continue to serve as the base for both government and institutional entities for the Valley. These things don’t happen by accident.  They are the result of listening, planning and following through with countless hours of hard work.  

I have, and will continue to be a champion for the change necessary to keep up with the values of the Palmer community. We must finish infrastructure projects that are nearing completion, including gravel to pavement street improvements, wastewater treatment facility upgrades, steel main replacement and upgrades at the airport. These projects will poise Palmer to attract future investment and good local jobs. Additionally, Palmer has positioned itself as a leader in recreational opportunities. Bike paths need to be connected to complete the trail system, and our incredible hiking trails around Palmer can be better promoted.

This investment is paying off.  Palmer once again is becoming the social center for the area.  People come into town to enjoy an event, shop downtown, ride their bikes on the many bike paths or eat at a local restaurant.

The city also faces many challenges. Uncertainty at the state level impacts our budget issues. I have been a champion to make sure we have enough reserves to withstand a downturn in our economy. As a result of conservative budgeting, we have savings to ensure a prosperous and healthy future. However, you need somebody that understands the financial realities of the future.

I respectfully ask that you cast your vote for a competent, experienced city council member that understands the issues and has the ability to get things done. Palmer is a well-run city and our future is bright. I will continue to work hard to protect our fiscal certainty and be a good steward of your tax dollars. Help me continue fighting for you and your values by voting for Brad Hanson on October 3rd.